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School Uniform
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School Uniform 

At Pedmore we are particularly proud of our uniform. Your support and co-operation with this is very much appreciated. Our smartly dressed children are part of what gives this school its good reputation. We believe that by taking a pride in their appearance, children are encouraged to also produce well presented, good quality work.  Please ensure all items of uniform and/ or any other personal belongings are clearly labelled with your child’s name. 

School Uniform 

Winter/ Spring Term 

Grey Trousers-straight leg, no hipsters, no embellishments (not culottes) 

Navy Blue Pinafore dress or skirt  

Pale blue Shirt 

School Tie 

Navy blue ‘V’ neck jumper or cardigan or Pedmore embroidered Sweatshirt 

Navy blue blazer- if required 

Grey socks/ white socks/ Navy blue tights 

Black Shoes (Not boots or trainers) 

Navy blue/ Black Waterproof coat 


Summer Term 

Blue short sleeved shirts (NOT polo shirts) 

Pale blue/ white dress or playsuit (gingham or stripes) 

Grey shorts (NOT culottes) 

Tie- optional 


P.E. Uniform 

 Navy shorts 

House Team colour ‘T’ shirt (either plain red, yellow, blue or green or with the school badge)  

(Please note children are placed in the same House team as their siblings – if your child is new to the school then they will be designated a House Team by the teacher) 

Reception/ Key Stage 1 – Dark coloured/ White Sports Trainers (slip-on pumps for Infants)  

Key Stage 2 – Dark Coloured/ White Sports Trainers (no fashion trainers/ high tops)  

Pump bag: please ensure that your child’s name is on the front of the PE bag so that children can recognise their own bag. PE bags will be kept in school and sent home for washing every half term.   



In Reception, we like to get outside in all weathers so please wear a weather appropriate coat. Please be aware that it may get muddy!  



School Uniform  




  • LABEL ALL BELONGINGS- we cannot emphasise this enough. 
  • Take pierced earrings out on the morning of sporting activities. 
  • Use only a book bag to carry belongings to and from school. 
  • Tie long hair back (all genders) 
  • Tie long hair back with navy hair or self-coloured hair bands, slides or bows. 
  • Ensure that children bring a suitable plain outdoor coat each day, navy/black. 
  • Aim to provide children with a plain navy sunhat for use in summer. 


  • Encourage any jewellery to be worn in school. NO responsibility can be taken for any loss or injury and NO jewellery can be worn for PE. 
  • Have ears pierced during term time. The beginning of the school holidays is the only time that allows enough time for ears to heal before school restarts. 
  • Allow nail polish or tattoo transfers to be worn on school days. 
  • Allow extreme haircuts or colours. 
  • Allow fashion shoes with heels or open toes as these can be very dangerous. 
  • Let children wear “sharp teeth” hair accessories, hair braids or brightly coloured hair adornments. 
  • Let children wear football hats/ scarves to school. It is not part of our uniform and can lead to playground disagreements. 





We reserve the right to ask pupils and parents of pupils who do not adhere to the School Uniform and Dress Code to do so.   


Any appeals regarding Uniform/Dress Code will be referred to the Governing Body, whose determination will be final.  


Uniform Sales 

All uniform with the Pedmore Logo is available at Crested in Stourbridge.