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“Love one another, as I have loved you.”

John 13:34

Newsletter 28th June 2024


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As we didn’t have a newsletter last week, there’s a lot in this one! Lots of news to share with you all. I hope to see many of you tomorrow at our Summer Fayre. Obviously with some dry weather!


Whole School – 95.66%

Reception – 96.31%

Year 1 – 98.51%

Year 2 – 98.33%

Year 3 – 94.83%

Year 4 – 96.67%

Year 5 – 94.49%

Year 6 – 91.74%

Book Detectives

Year 4 Book Detectives have been busy reading two books since our last meeting. 

Our first book was My Brother is a Superhero by David Solomons. Story of the Titanic (DK History) 

This book was funny! It tells the story of  Luke, who is  a comic-mad eleven-year old.   Luke’ s only mistake is to go for a wee right at the wrong time, during which time his older brother Zack (by some weird fluke) becomes a superhero! The Book Detectives found the relationship between the two brothers very relatable. Lots of sibling rivalry and slapstick humour, lots of silly action and lots of fun!

There are four more books in the series which has inspired us to read more. 

Our second book was Story of the Titanic (DK History). This book has amazing illustrations and is packed full of interesting facts about the building and sinking of the Titanic. We were fascinated when Matilda brought the story to life and told us about her connections to the Titanic. 

Matilda’s Great, Great, Great Grandfather worked at Noah Hingley & Sons Ltd, Netherton Ironworks. They  made anchors for the White Star shipping company and the Titanic anchor was the largest they had made for what would be the largest ship in the world. Gangs of men worked hard forging over a thousand feet of chain for the ship.  Hingley’s were not alone in making the whole of the anchor. Walter Somers Ltd of Mucklow Hill, Halesowen, forged the shank of the centre anchor because they owned more powerful steam powered hammers. Hingley’s assembled the anchor which measured 18 foot 6 inches long and 10 foot 6 inches wide. 

Matilda showed us a picture of her Great, Great Grandmother Clara Cooksey, skipping happily alongside the horses who were moving the anchor. 

Matilda’s second connection was through another branch of the Cooksey family. They tried to get tickets for the Titanic crossing so they could start their new lives in America. Fortunately for them, the bookings were full and they could not get tickets. They did, however, send all their furniture and belongings on the Titanic in readiness for their arrival in America. Everything was lost on the Titanic.  The family sailed later to Canada and still live there today. 

Thank you Matilda for these fabulous stories!

Our Children Love Books!

Year 6 Librarians have recently been interviewing for their replacements when they leave the school. 

What has come from this is a knowledge that many of our students absolutely love books!

See what you think from these comments made during the interviews: 

“I have classmates for friends but I have so many friends in books as well”

“The Library is such a special place. We need to show others how to look after it”

“Books lead you into another world. It’s a world where you can always be yourself”

“When ever things get too much I’ve got my books. They get rid of the commotion and the overwhelming thoughts”

“Books are a movie in my head but better”

“Technology can never replace books. We need to let everyone know how they can love them”

Hareena Book Review

“The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.”

2 Corinthians 9:6

Be Happy News

Latest edition of Happy News can be found here.

Mary Stevens Hospice Toy Amnesty

Mary Stevens Hospice are looking for donations to help with their fundraising this summer. See more details here.

Tennis Summer Camps

Please see the following link for news of some tennis camps this summer.

KWT Camps_Summer 2024_Digital Flyer_Links.pdf

Charity Bracelet Sale

Please can you extend a huge thank you to everyone who supported Lottie, James, Katie and Alice with their charity bracelet sale last week.
The incredible generosity of all the children, parents / carers and staff have helped to raise an amazing £300 for Stand Up to Cancer in support of Cancer Research UK.
Thank you everyone!

On behalf of Lottie, James, Katie and Alice and their parents.

Forest School

It’s been a busy week in Forest school. 

Hedgehog news! 

Since releasing the hedgehog, we haven’t seen her since! But I hope she is having a lovely time enjoying the woods! 

Quiet and Reflection Garden

Firstly thank you so much to everyone who came to the family forest school fundraiser after school last Friday. We raised £150 which will go towards the development of the Quiet and Reflection Garden at the bottom of the school field. 

The plans have been drawn up and work will be starting on it soon.

The whole project to include a barefoot walk, lots of sensory plants, a micro pond and seating  will cost in region of £2000 so will continue to fundraise where we can and in the meantime will start work myself over the holidays. 

Forest School

At the moment both Year 3 and 4 are having their sessions and it’s been great this week to have some sunshine. 

We discussed the summer solstice and children got creative making sun catchers and sunny gods eyes! 

Plus we have a huge amount of creative play and year 3 love to use the dressing up box and put on a show! So much laughter and great to see children having the freedom to play in the way that they choose. 

Several children have become competent with fire lighting and it’s great that they have taken the responsibility of lighting the fire in order for us to cook our pizza and heat hot chocolate. 

At the end of each session we have 5 minutes peace, relaxing and reflecting on our session. This week we had a led meditation and the children seemed to really embrace it. 

Summer holidays

Forest school carries on over the summer with drop off holiday clubs and family sessions. 

I am also working with Miss Cartwright to offer half a day Forest school and half day dance. For all dates and booking please follow this link 



As you are aware all children spend time in forest school. It is very important to me to know your thoughts on the provision as it helps evaluate my practice. 

I would be really grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete this evaluation for me please. 


Many thanks

Have a great weekend. 

Ruth Hill

Happier Minds

Dear Parents and Carers

We would like to share with you www.happierminds.org.uk , a new mental wellbeing website set up for people in Dudley. The website contains information, guidance and signposting regarding children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing, including how to get help urgently. The site is aimed at young people (aged 11-18), parents and carers (of children any age), and school staff.

Warm regards

James Birchwood
Senior Educational Psychologist

Education, SEND & Family Solutions – Education Psychology
Children’s Services
Dudley Council

Take Care & Stay Safe

Mr Dunn


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