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13th October 2023
by pedmore_admin

“Love one another, as I have loved you.”

John 13:34

Newsletter 13th October 2023


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Friday 13th today! Now, I know what you may be thinking. Friday the 13th is often associated with superstitions and bad luck. None of that here today (apart from the weather)! I hope you all have a good weekend and the rain stops at some point. See you next week.

P.E. Kits

Please make sure that P.E. kits are in school every day. We can have days where we have to change when P.E. happens so when we have the P.E. kits in school that means that can happen. If you want to wash/change P.E. kits they can come home on a Friday. Thank you.

“Celebrate the Festival of Harvest with the first fruits of the crops you sow in your field. Celebrate the Festival of Ingathering at the end of the year, when you gather in your crops from the field.”

Exodus 23:16

Parent Governor

We had a fantastic response to our request for parent governor nominations. You will have received today, through your eldest child, governor voting forms. There are 5 people who have put themselves forward – please read through the documentation and send back your voting form. There is one for each adult in each family.


We had a lovely harvest celebration at church this week. Each class took part by either singing a song, or saying a poem. You can see one of the songs we all sang below. And a massive thank you for the incredible generosity of your donations. We filled 27 crates for the FoodBank. It filled the van! Thanks to our Year 6 ambassadors who helped organise and pack the food up.


Whole School – 96.33%

Reception – 96.67%

Year 1 – 97.78%

Year 2 – 100%

Year 3 – 96.97%

Year 4 – 98.65%

Year 5 – 96.62%

Year 6 – 95.76%

Book Reviews

Two more book reviews this week from Year 6.

The Colour of Hope – Ross MacKenzie

In a world of black and white a miracle baby is born and everything she touches turns to colour. Her life is in danger from her first breath. Soon Ripper dogs and Black Coats come hunting but she fights them off and returns colour to the world.

Poppy, Year 6

A Face Like Glass – Francis Hardinge

A man named Grandible finds a girl in his cheese tunnels. He names her Neverfell, after the cheese. She has an extraordinary face, for in Caverna, faces must be taught by facesmiths. They are never natural. Can Grandible keep Neverfell safe, or will she escape his protection?

I would recommend this book if you like big books. It’s a little hard to get into at first, but when you understand it, it’s quite exciting. It’s an adventure, definitely, and action -packed. I would give this book 9.7/10. I have removed 0.3 marks because of the abruptness of the beginning. I was a bit like, Huh? It’s still a great book though.

Betsy, Year 6


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