We have some amazing children at Pedmore. I know I don’t need to tell all our parents that, because they know it! Children never cease to amaze me at what they are capable of, and how they react and deal with certain situations. Let me give you a couple of examples…

On Tuesday evening, our football team played a team from Gig Mill. We were convincingly beaten, 7-1. Yet not once did the children in the team give up, or let their heads drop, or complain at each other or the referee. They constantly encouraged their team mates and were congratulatory of the opposition. Great stuff.

Last week we held an RE debate in our school hall. 8 schools attended, each with a 4-strong team to debate a pre-arranged motion. Ours was “We think RE should be taught at home, not in schools.” We were arguing in favour of this. As you can imagine, it wasn’t the easiest of topics to try to defend! However, the four Year 6 children who took part put forward a great argument, and also, more impressively, fielded questions from the floor afterwards without time for any preparation. And a couple of the questions were very challenging!

Year 4 came up with the idea of a plant sale to raise some money…all their own idea, all their own preparation. They still had a few plants left over, and pestered me to make sure I’d bought one!

Every week we do our PRIDE awards in assembly, and every week it’s fantastic to read out and hear what they’ve been doing. A credit to themselves, their family, and school.

This is just a brief sample of the ways in which our children show, time and again, how great they are.

We are all extremely proud of every single one of them.