MOMO Challenge

You are probably aware through news and media outlets that the ‘MOMO Challenge’ is once again being shared through various social media sites and games. There have been a lot of stories and reports, many of which have been sensationalised by the media. However, there have been some instances that have caused some concern and it is likely that your child(ren) will hear about them and want to talk about them at some point. Staff at school have been on alert to hear if any children mention anything, and so far there have only been a couple of instances. We don’t want to discuss this with whole classes, or whole school, as for many children they are not aware of it and we don’t want to cause any unnecessary upset. We would, however, encourage you to discuss it at home if you feel there is a need to, or you feel it is appropriate.

There are a couple of links below which give some more information and a more ‘balanced’ view, and there is a poster attached from the website which also gives more information specific to the MOMO challenge. We will also be posting this message on our website.

Please let us know if you feel that there is anything that has concerned or worried your child(ren) that you feel we need to know about.

Thank you for your continued support.