e-Safety Updates

What is e-Safety?

Being safe online

e-Safety (or online safety) is an umbrella name for many different and diverse specialised topic areas. For schools it’s predominantly about safeguarding, specifically in regards to the use of technology and the behaviours when using that technology.  It isn’t about scaremongering, it’s about educating and empowering all users to enjoy the wonders that the internet and technology has to offer – safely! (Taken from here.)

e-Safety Magazine

In the box on the left, you will find the latest e-Safety Magazine from e-safety-advisor.com. A new edition of the magazine is released every 6 weeks or so and is full of up-to-date advice and information that you will find very useful, both for yourself and your child.

Useful Links

On the right you will find some useful links around e-Safety and how you can help your child stay safe online.

Parent Info

Below you will see latest updates from Parent Info – some great advice and tips here for all aspects of keeping your children safe online.