Eco Team

We remember that in the story of ‘The Creation’ when God made the world, he told us ‘to look after it wisely’. We take this mission very seriously and our Eco Team meet regularly to help us as a school to do this as best we can.

The team has eleven members, with representatives from both KS2 children and staff. Unlike the school council, children apply for membership of the team, by writing a letter explaining why they would like to help and with ideas for helping on the team. This gives different children an opportunity to take part in the eco work.

Each team member has special jobs and they work very closely with our site manager and our school business manager. Their work includes organising recycling, composting, monitoring water and energy use, promotions of good eco habits and practice with staff, children and parents. We are very proud of, and grateful for, the good work they do across the whole school.