Archaeologist discovery

As you all know, our Topic has been the Ancient Egyptians. To end our Topic we became Archaeologists. The children discovered facts about a famous archaeologist, Howard Carter. Facts were hidden amongst sand and soil so that the children were able to learn about a famous archaeologist by becoming on

Puppet Show

  Our topic this half term in science has been light. The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about this topic and we have had such fun carrying out several different experiments. Today, we were looking at how the size of a shadow altered depending on how close or how far away the opaqu

Happy New Year!

To All Year 3 Children and their families, Happy New Year to you all! Thank you for all of the kind Christmas wishes, cards and gifts, I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas!! See you all in the New Year, Best Wishes, Miss Troth  

Wonderful Worship Forum

This morning our Worship Council Reps attended a worship forum meeting with lots of other schools.  They spent time hearing teh Christmas story in different ways and gathering ideas for things we can do back here in school. As you can see from the photos they all had a great time.           

Palaeontologist experience!

Year Three have been learning about rocks, soils and fossils in Science. This week they have been very busy and we have had the opportunity to pretend to be palaeontologists. The children know that a palaeontologist is a scientist who studies fossils to find out about plants and animals that lived m

Happy Half Term

Dear Parents / Carers, Year Three have been very busy this half term! We have all started the learn the violin and we have all started the learn French! The curriculum letter outlines what we have been learning about in all subject areas if you haven’t already had a look. Your child will be