eSafety Updates

It’s been great to hear so many stories of what our children have been up to during the holidays…think they needed to come back to school for a rest – as I’m sure some of you did too! There were some updates in the last newsletter and one which wasn’t on it – ment

Helping with Reading

Reading at Home We are often asked if there’s anything that parents can do at home to help their child with reading. Reading is the most important thing that you can do with your child, especially with younger children. The poster below gives you some ideas of how to approach reading with your

Spelling Success!

Well done to the four children involved in the spelling competition at Ridgewood Primary School yesterday. This is what they said: “Today we went to a spelling bee at Ridgewood High School. We had lots of words to learn over the past month and it all paid off because…WE WON! We were agai

A New Year Update

Christmas and New Year seem such a long way-away now, even though we’ve only been back a couple of weeks. Snow today had everyone excited first thing, but normal service was soon resumed! As you know, classes have been putting up information about what they’ve been up to. You can look at